What Soft.Farm can do

All the necessary tools to run, control and monitor work of your agricultural business.

Easy to use on a computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone.

Tools, reference books and all documents in one place.

Agricultural machinery usage records and work surveillance.

Calculations, saving and distribution of fertilizers, reducing the cost of farming operations.

We are open for partnership in order to increase efficiency

Our GPS partner


Professional GPS monitoring and control of fuel

Our Meteo partner


Monitoring and prediction of weather conditions

Using Soft.Farm is as easy as 1-2-3



Input the necessary data into the system.



The system analyzes, plans, creates diagrams, reports, flow charts and everything that you used to do on your own.



You’ll get all the necessary calculations, analyses and documentation for your work in a convenient format.

System configuration

Plant Cultivation

Crop Rotation

Flow Charts

Animal Husbandry

Selective Breeding

Diet and ration allowance


in registration, setting up the system and contract assistance


Duty slip of tractor driver / machine operator

Write-off certificate for fertilizer, plant protection products etc.

Basic configuration

Basic configuration

+ additional features


1 electronic document = 1 USD. Documents are created by a client. Payment is made in arrears to take into account the "seasonal" work.

Do you wish to have more features in the system?

We are always interested in your opinions of our software, and are open for suggestions for improving it. Please, tell us what other features the system should have, and we'll do our best to implement them in the future versions of Soft.Farm.

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