Terms and conditions

Thank you for using the SoftFarm cloud-based system.
By using our services, you accept the present Terms of Use.

Terms of Use

When using our system, do not attempt to access its content if it is not provided by developers of the system. Do not interfere with the work of the system and do not attempt to access it using methods that violate our instructions or bypass its user interfaces.Some of our features are available on mobile devices. Avoid using such features if they distract you from observing traffic regulations or safety rules.

Privacy Policy

We do not share users’ personal data with any third-party. We may collect and process statistics on the usage frequency of some of system features to further improve our services. This is done anonymously without disclosure of users’ personal information. The user-uploaded data (photos, employee names etc.) are available only to the uploader and stored on private servers belonging to our company.

Contacts and Feedback

We are always happy to hear from our customers. Please, click the following link to find our contact details: contact us.

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