Tasks for inspecting fields
As our clients once told us, the best monitoring of fields is “the shadow ... of the agronomist on the field”. Indeed, in order to grow a good harvest, it is necessary for the agronomist to be directly on the field and to assess the condition of the crops, while the modern technologies, such as satellite monitoring, flying drones or calculating the NDVI index, become an additional “third eye”. With the help of new technologies, it is possible to identify problem areas and form a task for examination. Formed tasks for problem and periodic inspections of the field will be sent by the Soft.Farm system to the mobile application Agroscouting to the relevant responsible agronomist. It is possible to track execution of tasks in the system and to analyze the quality of their implementation, to quickly find the fields where no inspection was conducted during the season, and to count the number of visits and reports made on other fields. Do not leave your crops uninspected; examine the fields in a new way!
Mobile application "Agroscouting"
A mobile application is an assistant to an agronomist during a routine field survey and report compilation. The agronomist goes out to the field, examines the crops and when identifying problem areas, pests, diseases, weeds, takes photos using the application. At the same time, the mobile device records the GPS coordinates of the photo and adds information to the report:
  • identification of pests, diseases, weeds;
  • phase of plant development;
  • determines the risk group;
  • describes the condition of crops.
After saving the inspection data, when connected to the Internet, the mobile device will automatically upload photos and GPS coordinates to the Soft.Farm portal and the information will immediately become available to other employees and will be stored in the field history. The mobile application also performs the function of a navigator of fields and problem areas, which were determined using the satellite monitoring and the NDVI index.
Learn to create agronomist reports by yourself!
We have developed and are constantly improving video tutorials for the practical use of the system and its functions - agroscouting and the agronomist’s tasks.