24.11 2016

Increase your farm profits

Are you running a farming business with a great potential that still does not make a sufficient profit? Have you ever thought about the importance of planning crops and how it can influence crop yields and overall profits? It had been proved that the scientifically based planning of crop rotations increases productivity per hectare of tillage by 25-30%. It’s time to stop using outdated planning methods! If you want to efficiently plan your crops and increase your farm profits, you should make use of the free on-line farm management service So what is the first thing to consider when planning your farm business? Typically, it would be a planting and seeding schedule, i.e. a decision on growing this or another crop on each available field. This is the primary thing one should not ignore. Another equally important issue is cost-effective usage and saving in material resources, fertilizers, and crop protection agents while increasing productivity. It’s not a secret that the key to success in this matter is an adequate crop planning and implementation of the scientifically based crop rotation practices. The Soft.Farm system combines these and other features to ensure farmers’ success.

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