GPS monitoring of equipment

Field Works Planning
The field works performed on time are a guarantee of a good harvest without any extra expenses. Planning equipment and agricultural operations is not an easy task, taking into consideration the changing weather conditions, the provision of fuel and lubricants, fertilizers, plant protection products as well as the the human factor. Having spent 20% of time for planning you will provide 80% of successful field works. Based on the time limits for the implementation of agricultural operations specified in technological maps, the on-line service Soft.Farm creates a graphical display of the field works plan in the form of a Gantt chart. Such visualization will help to identify bottlenecks, when an agro-operation is carried out by agricultural machinery of the same model type, to change the start conditions of implementation and to effectively distribute the works between the machine operators. You will never forget which field works are planned, because our mobile application “Field works” will surely remind you the plan and allow you to make operational changes that will immediately become known to the relevant workers.
Field works control
Many agricultural enterprises already have GPS systems for equipment monitoring and fuel control. Their use allows farmers to prevent the equipment misuse, illegitimate running and fuel theft as well as to regulate the dispatching service. But the possibilities of GPS monitoring of equipment are much wider. Soft.Farm web service offers to get additional GPS monitoring functions:
  • automatic calculation of processed hectares, taking into account overlaps and self-intersections, when several units of equipment are working on the field;
  • distribution of fuel for relocations and works;
  • quick receive of information on the performance of works and fuel consumption in the context of agricultural operations, fields, equipment and machine operators.
If you use GPS monitoring Wialon, Wialon Hosting, Wialon Pro, SKT Globus, DozoR or Control Plus, we will quickly integrate and provide the opportunity to use the new features of GPS monitoring of equipment and fuel control.
Learn how to set up GPS monitoring of equipment and fuel control by yourself!
We have developed and are constantly improving video tutorials for the practical use of the system and its functions - GPS monitoring of equipment and fuel control.