11.09 2019

Connect to John Deere Data

Today many agricultural enterprises already have GPS monitoring systems for equipment and fuel control. Their use allows farmers to prevent the misuse of machines and establish a dispatch service. But the capabilities of these systems are much wider. The Soft.Farm web-service offers the functions of automatic calculation of cultivated hectares, distribution of fuel for moving and working, prompt receipt of information on the performance of work and fuel consumption in the context of agricultural operations, fields, equipment, machine operators.

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02.09 2019

Soft.Farm will take part in IT-Corner 2019

Within the framework of the international exhibition AgroComplex (October 29-31), which is a powerful platform for popularizing IT technologies among a wide range of agricultural producers, a specialized platform for digital and smart solutions in agribusiness IT-Corner 2019 will be held. The exposition will be held in open-space format and will unite developers of smart solutions, digital technologies for precision farming and software for making optimal management decisions.

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20.08 2019

Automatic receipt of information from the registry on ownership

Cadastral registration of a land bank is not an easy task. To help farmers, the Public Cadastral Map of Ukraine was created, the appearance of which was a significant achievement in the field of land relations and allowed to reduce the time for performing various operations with land plots, and the Soft.Farm team solved the problem of the long entry of documents into the system and implemented the function of easy and quick loading of cadastral data.

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25.07 2019

Sowing campaign control with online seeding cards

Sowing quality control, identification of problem areas, yield forecasting, fertilizer consumption planning, saving of sowing material - such a benefit for modern farmers can be achieved by an electronic sowing card, which can be obtained by equipping sowing equipment with modern sowing control systems from various manufacturers. The web service Soft.Farm offers a solution for working with electronic seeding cards received from the Garant sowing equipment control systems.

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17.07 2019

What a satellite can see on the field, the efficiency of using the NDVI index

Recently, we drove to one of our clients and, passing by a field of winter wheat, saw the underlying crops. Along the way, we began to argue about what could have caused lying crops and what IT-technologies would help to see problems in time and assess winter crops. When we arrived at the agricultural enterprise, we asked the agronomist: “How are you going to assess the yield on this field?”. The answer was simple: “In fact!”.

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