08.10 2018

Ceremonial presentation of certificates of users of the Soft.Farm information system at PGAA

On October 4, 2018, the Poltava State Agrarian Academy held a ceremonial presentation of certificates of users of the Soft.Farm information system, with students successfully passing the exam in the discipline "Information technologies in agronomy". It has already become a good tradition that upon completion of studying the discipline and passing the exam for “good” and “excellent”, students receive certificates of users of the online system “Soft.

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04.10 2018

Planning of crops for the next year

Every experienced agronomist knows how important to make a competent plan of crops for the next year. A huge number of factors affects the field seeding scheme, so for saving your time, the Soft.Farm web service offers a crop planning function. With this function, you can allocate a certain area to different cultures in your area, depending on the season, taking into account the needs of each crop as much as possible.

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27.09 2018

Creating electronic business cards

Accounting for a land bank should always be handled responsibly, because the discrepancy between the real area of ​​the field and the data in the reporting of agricultural enterprises can lead to unplanned costs. Web service «Soft.Farm» allows you to create and store your electronic maps, as well as monitor the fieldwork. At the moment, the easiest and most accessible way to measure fields is the mobile application and the online system "Soft.

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12.09 2018

Training of PDAA

On October 18-19, 2018, at the Poltava State Agrarian Academy, a meeting of the Annual Round Table will be held within the framework of the program "Support to the Agroindustrial Enterprises by means of modern information systems and technologies", which will traditionally present the most interesting innovations of the developers of information systems for agriculture, review of the results achieved.

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31.08 2018

Conference "Exact Farming 2018"

Here is one of the most significant conferences for Ukrainian farmers "Exact Farming 2018", which took place from August 29 to 30 in Kyiv. The inaugural organizers of the All-Ukrainian Conference were the leading international publication The Ukrainian Farmer and the AGP Group. At this event, issues related to the prospects for the development of precision agriculture in Ukraine were raised. Important topics for discussion were: the impact of investments in precision agriculture systems on production cost, GPS monitoring technology, remote sensing of the earth (RSV) and differential fertilizer (VRA).

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