14.03 2019

Monitoring of seeding control systems

Of course, every experienced agronomist knows how difficult it is to control the quality of the work already done on sowing or fertilizing. It is even more difficult to quickly respond to deviations from the specified parameters of sowing or fertilizing in the course of the field work performed by the unit. Nowadays, among the farmers, electronic systems for monitoring the seeding parameters of various manufacturers are widely used.

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26.02 2019

Soft.Farm starts the new agricultural season with the exhibition "AgroVesna 2019"

From February 19 to February 21, 2019, the International Exhibition Center (Kiev) hosted the prestigious exhibition event of the new agrarian season - “AgroVesna 2019”. More than 18,000 people from 36 countries visited the exhibition for three saturated days, 570 companies from 23 countries participated in AgroVesna 2019, 7 national and 2 collective expositions were shown, more than 30 business events were held and advanced technologies in the field of grain farming and animal husbandry were presented , poultry and fruit and vegetable industry.

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28.01 2019

International GPS Conference 2019

An international conference of software developers, integrators and manufacturers of equipment for GPS monitoring, fuel control and related areas, organized by the partner company Overseer, was held on January 25 and 26, 2019 at the Dendra Hotel ONOVO (Kiev). In addition to traditional reports from leading experts in the field of monitoring, special conferences were organized at the conference, the participants of which discussed topical issues arising in the course of work, as well as presented the latest developments and success stories of partners.

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24.12 2018

The results of the training on EXACT FARMING

The human resources issue in today's agrarian sector is one of the painful problems, training of personnel is a challenge for those agricultural producers who want to get maximum profit from new technologies. The Soft.Farm team helps to keep afloat in the ocean of precision farming technologies and systems, for this purpose a training was held on December 19-20, 2018, based on the computer academy "Step" in Kyiv.

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23.11 2018

Economic training in precision farming

December 19-20, 2018 economic training in precision farming will be held at the base of the computer academy “Shag” of the city of Kiev. The aim of the training team SoftFarm set to teach agronomists and middle managers to use the tools of modern agronomy in their daily work. Namely: - use satellite images and NDVI indices; - optimally plan field work; - create an optimal technology plan; - to adjust the calculation of completed hectares and control the fuel using GPS monitoring; - save the results of soil analysis and create cartograms; - develop problem maps for differential distribution; - to adjust the accounting of the land bank and lease agreements.

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