«AGROEXPO 2021»: Presentation of a new concept for calculation of cultivated hectares using GPS-monitoring

14.09 2021

«AGROEXPO 2021»: Presentation of a new concept for calculation of cultivated hectares using GPS-monitoring

Very soon, from September 29 to October 2, an international agro-industrial exhibition with a field demonstration of equipment «AgroExpo 2021» will be held. It will take place at the Exhibition Complex «AGROEXPO» at the address: Ukraine, Kropyvnytskyi, st. First Exhibition (Murmansk), 8. The exhibition promises to be special, because it gives visitors the opportunity to see and evaluate the level of development of the agro-industrial complex of both Ukrainian and world manufacturers.

The Soft.Farm team is also taking part in this event and our stand A21 will be very easy to find, because it will be located near the entrance to the indoor exhibition. We will be glad to every visitor, as we present a new function of our web service and want to share it.

It is known that the use of GPS-monitoring systems for equipment and fuel control makes it possible to prevent improper use of machines and to establish a dispatch service, and the functions of automatic calculation of the worked hectares, fuel distribution for moving and work, identification of the operator, prompt receipt of information on the performance of work have long been familiar to users of Soft.Farm and are actively used by them in their work. But every system can be made better, which is why we are introducing the Agroplan feature that simplifies and automates field closure. Now there will be no need to create separate field works for each field, since very often the same technological operation is performed on several fields and duplicating processes in manual mode leads to inefficient use of time. Thus, the Soft.Farm web service takes all vehicle tracks per shift and creates field work for a key operation, vehicle, geofence, etc. As a result, a full shift report is generated, on the basis of which a waybill is created. The concept of automatic closing of field work allows you to control the performance of technological operations, record possible deviations during work and prevent forgetting to close. Optimizing time expenditures, increasing the efficiency of entering primary documents and prompt display of information in the accounting system will help control the process and make timely decisions.

New features have been added to the powerful cadastral module. In addition, functional improvements have occurred not only in the web service, but also in the mobile application. In short, our team has something to share. Come and we will tell you about the cadastral registration of land plots, GPS monitoring of equipment, satellite images and the NDVI index, agricultural scouting, cartograms, seeding control and much more…

See you!

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