Land bank

Field area measurement
Exact farming is impossible without knowledge of the real area of the land bank. We offer several ways to measure the area: The Soft.Farm system allows you to use any methods of measuring the area, depending on the development of high-precision farming technologies at your agricultural enterprise. For those who already have electronic field maps, we have the opportunity to download them for further accounting of the land bank.
Land plots audit
A land bank is the main asset of an agricultural enterprise. Most part of the cultivated arable lands is leased units, but when concluding land lease agreements, attention is not always paid to their location, the so-called "checker-works". To make sure that you process the land units that you rent, with the help of PCMU (Public Cadastral Map of Ukraine) we have created a simple way to check the location of the rented land plots and how the borders of the units match the electronic maps of your agricultural enterprise. At the same time, Soft.Farm system will automatically check the relevance of the documents under which the lease agreement was concluded, and in case of non-compliance, it will identify the problem areas.
Accounting for land lease agreements
In order to avoid raidership and preserve your land bank, you need to establish a reliable accounting of land lease agreements, and most importantly, to monitor the validity terms of the agreements and to extend them in a timely manner. Soft.Farm system allows you to control:
  • validity terms of land unit lease agreements;
  • land units without lease agreements;
  • unclaimed land units;
  • land plots exchanging schemes;
  • information about the rights holder;
  • rental charges.
All information is integrated with the accounting systems and other software.
Learn to account the land bank by yourself!
We have developed and are constantly improving video tutorials for the practical use of the system and its functions - measuring the field area, auditing land plots and accounting lease agreements.