24.04 2019

Sowing under control

In order to achieve a given seeding rate per hectare during sowing, a well-adjusted and tuned seeder is needed, which does not allow significant deviations in the process of work. After all, even small changes can lead to noticeable crop losses. That is why to control the work of the drill it is necessary to know how it sows at any time. The Soft.Farm team continues to expand the functionality of its portal and announces the introduction of online monitoring equipment with the "Garant" seeding control systems, which are manufactured by our partner, "Intris Trade".

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12.04 2019

Other applications have replaced Soft.Farm Eye

The development of IT-technologies does not stand still, which means that we are developing along with them. The number of tasks that need to be solved here and now is growing. Mobile application "Soft.Farm Eye" has a wide functionality, but with each update the load on the application becomes more and more, which affects the speed of its work. Based on this, the Soft.Farm team decided to divide the “Soft.

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04.04 2019

New field survey features using the “Agroscouting” mobile application

Observation of the development and growth of culture is the main source of information on the state of crops. Recently, the IT infrastructure has formed a whole class of useful applications for field surveys. Mobile application “Agroscouting” from the company Soft.Farm is a real assistant of agronomist on the field. For three years, it has been improved, developed, supplemented and, in addition to normal functions, has received new tools for productive work.

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28.03 2019

Accounting for exchange plots becomes more convenient

Recently, many clients are asking the same question: “Do you have land exchanges?” They give examples of land records in Excel, but without visualizing exchange units on a cadastral map, it’s very difficult to understand the information. At the same time, land plots have been introduced at many enterprises, but the manager cannot quickly obtain information about the state of the land bank. This situation is typical for agribusinesses that do not implement a comprehensive management accounting system in their farms.

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14.03 2019

Monitoring of seeding control systems

Of course, every experienced agronomist knows how difficult it is to control the quality of the work already done on sowing or fertilizing. It is even more difficult to quickly respond to deviations from the specified parameters of sowing or fertilizing in the course of the field work performed by the unit. Nowadays, among the farmers, electronic systems for monitoring the seeding parameters of various manufacturers are widely used.

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