10.06 2019

Soft.Farm team took part in the AGRO-2019 exhibition

From June 4 to June 7, the largest in all of Eastern Europe and the only in Ukraine multi-field exhibition in the field of agriculture “AGRO-2019” took place. This event took place in the national complex "Expocenter of Ukraine" and attracted 83,000 visitors and 1308 participants from 17 countries! The Soft.Farm team presented its booth together with the partner for the introduction of GPS monitoring and fuel control by the company Overseer, and also demonstrated the work of the module of the monitoring systems of seed equipment “Garant” from our partner the company “Intris-trade”.

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23.05 2019


Soils are the main asset of every agricultural enterprise. Getting a good harvest requires careful agrodiagnostics of the soil on which crops are grown. The results of the analysis of the agrophysical and agrochemical properties of the soil can be downloaded to the Soft.Farm Cartograms module, which will build a map of indicators across the field and help farmers make decisions about plowing depth, seeding rates, and fertilizer application rates and crop protection.

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16.05 2019

Electronic field passport

Systematizing of data with Soft.Farm becomes easier. Thanks to the new “Field Passport” function, you don’t need to save mountains of paper documentation or open dozens of windows in the browser to put the information together. All the necessary information is formed into an electronic document and is immediately ready for printing. The “Field Passport” combines all the information for a certain season for each specific field and contains data on weather conditions, agricultural scouting, NDVI index, field work, cartograms, cadastral plots, accounting of material resources and much more.

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08.05 2019

How effectively to carry out the introduction of plant protection products?

The season of active growing of agricultural crops has begun, the main goal of which is the introduction of plant protection products, fertilizers and plant growth regulators. For all these operations, it is important to properly plan the work and ensure the supply of materials to create a tank mix, the use of which increases the processing efficiency and reduces the cost of fuel and lubricants due to the reduction in the number of treatments and the consumption rate of the drug.

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03.05 2019

Booth of Soft.Farm on Agro-2019

The annual agricultural exhibition AGRO-2019 will be held from June 4 to June 7, which is an effective platform for improving production, introducing innovations and presenting new products in all areas of the agricultural sector of Ukraine. This business event pays special attention to new agricultural equipment, equipment and modern agricultural technologies in all sectors of agriculture. The Soft.

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