Seeding control

SoftFarm seeding control
The use of seeders equipped with seeding control systems is actually becoming the standard for farmers. The presence of such a system guarantees an increase in yield due to the correct adjustment of the seeder and control over the quality of work. The financial cost of installing such a system pays off on average for one season. For example, 50% of passes in only one section of an eight row seeder will result in a shortfall of 6-7% of the crop across the field. The seeding control system identifies such problems and allows you to quickly respond to them, preserving the future crop.

The principle of operation of such systems is that sensors are installed on the seeder to monitor the necessary parameters, and in the operator’s cabin there is a monitor on which all information about the sowing is displayed in real time. Moreover, in professional systems, data is additionally transmitted to the Internet server via GSM-communication channels. Thus, dispatchers and management can remotely control the operation of equipment.

Soft.Farm develops partnerships with manufacturers of seeding control systems and implements a new subsystem - “Seeding control”. Its purpose is to provide the agrarian with control over the sowing campaign and a clear record of operations performed and resources expended. Soft.Farm is currently fully integrated with the “Intris Trade” seeding control systems. This company specializes in the development, production and installation of control systems for sowing and applying bulk and liquid fertilizers. In addition, in the “Seeding Control” module, it is possible to connect any seeding control system that has the function of transmitting data to a remote server.
Seeding monitoring online
A seeding campaign is a responsible time when the cost of error is very high. If you fail to detect shortcomings in the work at this stage in time, then you can lose a part of the crop and future profits. Even the presence of a seeding control system does not guarantee 100% high-quality seeding - the machine operator can simply ignore warnings. Therefore, it is so important to quickly receive information about deviations during seeding and to quickly influence to work.

This will help Soft.Farm seeding monitoring online module. The program allows you to track the movement of seeders on the map, to monitor the current characteristics of sowing and fertilizing - speed, quality, uniformity, doubles and omissions. The map shows a cartogram of sowing with problem areas and the overall result of the work. Opening it, you can evaluate how well the machine operator does the job at the current time and earlier. If something goes wrong, then the leader can quickly intervene in the work, using the information received.

Working with the Soft.Farm system is possible both on a computer in the office, and on a tablet PC.
Seeding works analysis
Operational monitoring of seeding works can help to detect and eliminate problems during work on time. But when the work is finished, it is time to take stock.

The “Seeding Control” module Soft.Farm allows you to perform the final analysis of the sowing campaign. The system will calculate the sown area, seed and fertilizer consumption, time spent. Will create a seeding cartogram that can be used for yield planning, mapping differential fertilizer application and for a general assessment of the quality of work performed. These totals are calculated both for each field individually, and in general for the farm. As a result, the agronomist can compare the results of yield and profitability of cultivation for effective planning of the next sowing campaign.

“Seeding control” can be used both independently, to accumulate information on work, and in combination with other Soft.Farm subsystems - Technological maps, Planning and closing of field work, Writing off materials. In this case, the problem of taking into account the actual implementation of operations planned in the technological maps is solved. This makes it possible to close the field and receive the cost of work, data on the operating time of equipment and machine operators, the consumption of basic and auxiliary materials. Data can be uploaded to third-party accounting systems.
Overview of Garant and Graine seeding control systems on the Intris Kramatorsk channel
We offer you to familiarize yourself with the video tutorials on the seeding control systems manufactured by Intris Trade - an overview of the systems, as well as a guide for turning on, setting up and working.