All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Workshop 2018

23.10 2018

All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Workshop 2018

On October 18-19, 2018, the All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Seminar "Support to the Agroindustrial Enterprises by Modern Information Systems and Technologies" was held on the basis of the Poltava State Agrarian Academy. On the first day of the seminar with speakers on the peculiarities of using the most modern information systems in different production areas of agriculture, many speakers, including the head of the sales department Soft.Farm on the theme: "Building an informative agrarian enterprise on the example of the information system Soft.Farm" spoke.

The second day was a training on precision farming, which was devoted to setting up and implementing on the real agro enterprises information system for farmers Soft.Farm and the development of practical skills in mastering the main tools of this system under the guidance Kondratyuk Nikolai Ivanovich. The main topics for discussion were:

• precision farming;

• independent map creation;

• cartograms;

• technological maps and task maps;

• adding new crops to your profile and familiarizing yourself with the structure of the crop area;

• more familiarity with cadastral land plots in Ukraine;

• GPS monitoring;

• satellite monitoring;

• economic analysis of agricultural production.

According to the results of the training on precision farming and the successful completion of the final test, participants were presented with certificates for the right to introduce and operate the Soft.Farm information system.

We would like to pay tribute to the organizers and participants of the scientific and practical seminar, and to thank them for the opportunity to communicate with like-minded people in the field of precise agriculture of Ukraine!

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