23.05 2019


Soils are the main asset of every agricultural enterprise. Getting a good harvest requires careful agrodiagnostics of the soil on which crops are grown.

The results of the analysis of the agrophysical and agrochemical properties of the soil can be downloaded to the Soft.Farm Cartograms module, which will build a map of indicators across the field and help farmers make decisions about plowing depth, seeding rates, and fertilizer application rates and crop protection. In addition, we made updating and expanding the functionality and now it is possible to visualize a map of soil properties separately for each field or throughout the farm as a whole, as well as receive information on the content of organic compounds and nutrients (N, P, K, pH, Zn and others), mechanical composition or soil moisture. To determine the effective potential of the field, the system allows you to overlay layers of soil properties on layers of seeding maps or yield maps and compare them with each other.

The cartogram displays the intensity of any indicator within the field map, and with its help you can make a competent plan for the differential introduction of nutrients on any land plot.

Thanks to the convenient interface of the Cartogram module, the search and analysis of cartograms has become even simpler, faster and more accessible. Use soils rationally and create a single information space with the Soft.Farm web service.

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