How to use exchange files for accounting of land plots of an agricultural enterprise

25.11 2021

How to use exchange files for accounting of land plots of an agricultural enterprise

One of the legal factors of land ownership is the entry of the land plot into the register of the base of the national cadastral system. Previously, registration was a very time-consuming process with a large number of refusals, but now it is being actively reformed and is becoming more transparent and accessible even online.

The creation of land cadastral information about the site begins with the implementation of land management work. To minimize time costs and simplify the procedure for entering data into the system, a special structure of an electronic document has been developed, which contains information about a separate land plot and is called an exchange file. An exchange file is an electronic document of a unified form for the exchange of information used in maintaining the Land Register and the book of records of registration of state acts for the ownership of land and for the right to permanent use of land. It is used in the formation of land lease agreements in electronic form, in the work of the state land cadastre and in the implementation of land management work. The content of the exchange file is formed on the basis of information from paper documents drawn up by the executors of the work.

How to use exchange files for accounting of land plots of an agricultural enterprise

The format of the exchange file is called XML and is a computer-perceived form of the spatial-attributive description of the land plot. Our team has been working with documents of this type for a long time and has now implemented the ability to load data from XML exchange files into the Soft.Farm system. Usually the file contains information such as coordinates of the boundaries of the plot, area, dimensions of the sides, purpose, existing restrictions on the use of the land plot, documentation on the basis of which the plot was created, cadastral number and data of the developer of this exchange file. After import, all the necessary information is loaded into the cadastral module and becomes available for further work.

Exchange files are formed by organizations executing land surveying works. On the basis of these electronic documents, the information is integrated into the database of the State Land Cadastre. Since they are already available at agricultural enterprises, their loading into the Soft.Farm system will shorten the time for entering primary documents and minimize data entry errors.

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