Soft.Farm team takes part in the profile conference «Agromonitoring 2021»

23.06 2021

Soft.Farm team takes part in the profile conference «Agromonitoring 2021»

Today, 06/23/2021, the Soft.Farm team takes part in the profile conference «Agromonitoring 2021», which is dedicated to resource-saving technologies and safety in agribusiness. The conference will consider modern solutions that allow farmers to monitor and control such important indicators as the state of crops and soils, the amount and feasibility of applying fertilizers and plant protection products, fuel consumption, movement of vehicles and movement of products at the enterprise, the analysis of which makes it possible to quickly respond to any change and make the right decisions.

In the exhibition area, we will present to its participants the functions and capabilities of the Soft.Farm service, which are relevant within the framework of the conference program. We will talk about a new approach to visualization of field work in the interface of the «GPS-monitoring» module and show how the «Agroplan» function works, which provides a clear visualization of planned field work, and also simplifies and automates their closure.

Our team will also demonstrate the ability to work with.2020 data files from such a well-known manufacturer as Precision Planting. These files are specific to the 20|20 series on-board terminals, which provide control of various high-tech systems designed to control planting density, downforce and liquid fertilizer rates, multi-hybrid seeding and high-speed seeding, control of the singulation process, soil conditions, seeding rates, seeder pressure on the soil and much more. We have implemented the ability to upload this data to our portal by transferring files from flash drives and visualize the available information in the form of cartograms.

The conference will be interesting, since the topics of rational use of resources, minimization of losses and safety are the key to a successful and effective agribusiness.

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