24.12 2018

The results of the training on EXACT FARMING

The human resources issue in today's agrarian sector is one of the painful problems, training of personnel is a challenge for those agricultural producers who want to get maximum profit from new technologies. The Soft.Farm team helps to keep afloat in the ocean of precision farming technologies and systems, for this purpose a training was held on December 19-20, 2018, based on the computer academy "Step" in Kyiv.
The students mastered the skills of work and learned the subtleties of work with the following technologies:
- Valery Yevtushenko, CEO of MegaDrone , said the creation of a land bank and the conclusion of lease agreements, the use of drones when creating electronic field maps;
- Soil analysis and development of cartograms;
- the formation of technological maps of cultivating crops, which agro operations need to be applied to use the full potential of the field, told Director Altera-Nova Sergei Sergienko .
- introduction of materials according to the variable norm, creation of task maps for the engineering;
- planning and control of field work;
- automatic calculation of hectares on data of GPS systems;
- satellite monitoring of NDVI crops and agrostation;
- analysis of information using field history.
At the end of the training, the participants passed the electronic test, which confirmed their knowledge of the system and received the relevant certificates. This form of training will continue to spread, join the technologies of modern agronomy!
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