Sowing campaign control with online seeding cards

25.07 2019

Sowing campaign control with online seeding cards

Sowing quality control, identification of problem areas, yield forecasting, fertilizer consumption planning, saving of sowing material - such a benefit for modern farmers can be achieved by an electronic sowing card, which can be obtained by equipping sowing equipment with modern sowing control systems from various manufacturers.

The web service Soft.Farm offers a solution for working with electronic seeding cards received from the Garant sowing equipment control systems. These systems are produced, installed and serviced by our partner company Intris Trade. In the future, Soft.Farm plans to connect seeding control systems from other manufacturers.

Soft.Farm allows you to visualize all the progress data collected by the seeding control system. These are GPS track of rutting, turning and stopping of sowing equipment, speed of movement, number of twins and gaps, quality of sowing and location of seeds at each point of the track. Information is stored both for each individual section of the drill and for the operation of the equipment as a whole.

Контроль висіву - карта посіву

Based on these data, Soft.Farm creates a detailed map of seeding across the field, which will be available for work at any time, in any place and can be used throughout the entire life cycle of the crop.

Контроль висіву - двійники, пропуски

What is the usefulness of this card?

First of all, this is a general assessment of the future harvest. A seeding map gives an idea of ​​how and with what quality each plot of field was planted. On it you can easily see the problem areas - twins, skips, uneven movement, incorrect density of future shoots. Understanding these problems, an agrarian can plan activities to support future harvest — the timing and amount of fertilizer application, irrigation, and even re-seeding of missed areas.

Контроль висіву - якість посіву

Seeding maps can be used even more effectively if you combine them with other information about the field, such as, for example, a relief map, agrophysical and agrochemical cartograms, NDVI images for analyzing the level and quality of field vegetation, which are also available in the Soft.Farm web service.

Comparison of the yield map with the seeding map will make it possible to determine how the yield is different within one field, analyze the reasons for its fluctuation and the quality of sowing, and take into account the errors of the current season and take measures to avoid them in the future.

The use of seeding card analysis tools can be one of the factors for increasing the productivity, and hence the profitability of your farm, which is the main goal of the Soft.Farm service.

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